What am I?

Am I just a machine, supposed to die?
Am I just some guy giving work for some others?
Am I just a handicapped, supposed to fade out? Feels like, right now.
Am I just a crippled soul not being able to see what’s black and what’s white?
Am I just some useless grain of dust poking around in the universe, without any true aim?
Am I just a worker, only functioning?
Am I just a cover, without any depth?

What am I?

I am everything of the above. Yet, none of those sentences describes me well. I am alive. Getting more alive each single day. Feeling deeper, living more true, more according to my needs. Against all odds.

Ein Gedanke zu „What am I?“

  1. For me, you are a human beeing, supposed to live and filled with love, intelligence and deep emotions :)
    I am glad to know you and really happy, that you seem to become aware of yourself.

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